A very cold office

There is a stubborn room in my house that would just not ever quite warm up. Perhaps there is some sort of soulless entity lurking in there. I don’t know what it is but that room is easily 10 degrees colder than any other room in the house. That room is for sure the place to be during the four weeks when it is unbearably hot here. But other than that, it just stays empty because it’s so dang cold. Well, I got furloughed from my job and needed an office so I had no choice but to inhabit that room. I grabbed a space heater and got to work. Unfortunately, that simply didn’t cut it. Even with the space heater the room was too drafty and cold to get comfortable in. I took some time to check the internet to see if I could find some solutions. Thankfully, there were some reasonable ideas online that gave me a great place to start. I walked the house to be sure all the registers were open and unobstructed. Apparently, if vents are shut off it can make a mess of all the HVAC airflow creating weird cold or hot spots. The windows in that room were old so I added so spray foam insulation before sealing them up tight with silicone. I was disappointed that my efforts hadn’t made the difference I thought they would. So, I called the local HVAC guy for some suggestions. He told me to try purchasing some room to room ventilators. I simply cut a small hole in an adjoining wall and placed these little fans in there. It’s amazing how it pulls warmer air into the room now. My new office is now comfy and a great place to work.

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