A tough deal

In the city that I grew up in, we have had a big concern as of lately with rabbits being all over the city parks. They were getting into people’s houses, & not to mention taking dumps all over most people’s front yard! Sure, you may imagine black and white little bunny rabbits jumping around being so adorable! Normally, that would be the case… However, with what all of us have going on in this neighborhood it’s not so cute or harmless! I had a few rabbits invade my basement through a very old crawl space, & they caused some drastic mangle to my boiler! I am thankful that the season is over for needing heating in my home, because otherwise, I would be in some drastic trouble with this mangled boiler. The rabbits jumped in and then chewed up the hoses that are attached to the boiler unit. Along with that they left a nice trail of rabbit crap all around the boiler. I was so angry I can’t even describe it! I’ll need to make a phone call to my heating & cooling service guy some time before next Wintertime. As of right now, I do not have the cash to afford the service of the boiler hoses! And let myself and others tell you one thing, cleaning up all those rabbit turds around the boiler was no fun! I had to put on a safety mask, double vinyl gloves & go pick it all up with a dog poop scooper. I then found the crawl section right by the boiler & got that all sealed up by myself. I pray to the lord that they can clear these rabbits from our neighborhood honestly soon! Hopefully, without having to harm any of them, however.

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