A slice of HVAC for the honeymoon

My husband and I own a HVAC company.  We met while we were in school getting our HvAC certification.  I was asked to tutor him when he was failing in the section about air conditioning.  It was kind of funny the way his father laughed when I told him I was his son’s tutor.  The father was six and a half feet tall and as burly as his son was thin. He was such a nice man, but so was his son.  We worked together closely on all projects after that, whether or not he had to be tutored. We both passed in the top ten percent of our class, thanks to my tutoring.  After we got our certificates, we didn’t see too much of each other since we worked for different HVAC companies in different towns. Two years later, I was working on an install for a new restaurant chain.  We needed to call someone in that was local, because my assistant had broken his leg in a car accident. I was grinning from ear to ear when Tom walked in. Together, we got the HVAC system and the ventilation system installed.  It took us nearly a week to have everything installed and tested. We dated for awhile before he asked me to marry him. Our wedding plans weren’t like normal couples. We knew what we were going to do for the wedding. We were planning for our HVAC contracting company we were going to create, starting right after the honeymoon.  We actually spent half of our time, during the honeymoon, planning for our new HVAC company.

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