A little portable cooling unit

t blows my mind how time moves on in life so quickly.

One time in life, you are a carefree kid playing with toys, having fun with your friends and other things.

The next moment, you are a grown adult out there in the real world and paying rent. I have held onto countless fond memories of my childhood, and it all seems like it was only a few days ago. One of my favorite memories that comes to mind is when I was at the local barber shop. When I used to go there as a young kid, I remember the high powered a/c on a boiling Summer afternoon. That barber shop had one of the greatest a/c units in the town. It was back in the year of 1972’s, so heating and cooling technology wasn’t exactly what it is this week, then getting the kind of easily crisp and refreshing a/c from a substantial window a/c component in those afternoons was something hard to get your hands on. With that being said the local barber shop managed to do the job! I knew the guy that owned the locale well, and his name was Bob. Bob was a charming person, and not to mention, his kid was one of the heatings and a/c specialists at the local Heating and Air Conditioning company. Because of his son, this is most likely why he had such charming a/c in the locale. I had never again discovered a window a/c component that substantial or that powerful in my life! If you are in the mood to chat about wonderful climate control, they had it for sure! I easily miss those summer days as a young boy.