Benefits of a stationary bike

Before investing in a piece of workout equipment, I did a lot of research.

Treadmills, rowing machines and ellipticals are extremely expensive.

I didn’t want to make the investment and end up unhappy with the results. After weighing the pros and cons of various options, I decided on a stationary bike. A stationary bike is an easy and effective way to burn calories and body fat. This type of exercise also helps to strengthen the heart, lungs and muscles. One of the benefits of a stationary bike when compared to other machines is that it puts less stress on the joints while still providing an efficient aerobic workout. Cycling is a great way to get the heart pumping and improve the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. A good cardiovascular workout helps to lower blood pressure, improve blood sugar levels, build a stronger immune system and decrease stress levels. It also promotes better mood, sleep and energy. One of the main reasons I chose the stationary bike was for weight loss. I can burn over 600 calories an hour with a bike workout. Plus, I can increase the resistance to build strength and get rid of fat. It is a low-impact workout that utilizes very smooth movements to strengthen joints without stress on them. There’s none of the impact of running, jumping or other high-impact activities. I suffer from plantar fasciitis, and the bike offers a challenging workout without bothering my feet. The pedaling action works to strengthen calves, hamstrings and quadriceps and even benefits muscles in the back, core and glutes.

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Getting in shape for wedding

When my boyfriend, Frank proposed to me, I was very excited to begin planning the wedding.

  • I immediately went shopping for my wedding gown.

As I tried on a series of beautiful dresses and stood in front of the mirror, I was not happy with my appearance. I was upset with the amount of weight I’d gained over the last few years. I didn’t want to walk down the aisle or head off on a tropical honeymoon feeling less than my best. I was determined to lose weight and get in better shape. I thought that going for a run in the evenings after work might be the answer. Unfortunately, I tripped in a pothole and skinned my knee and also got chased by a dog. My next attempt was a gym membership. Unsure of how to correctly utilize the equipment, I ended up hurting my back so badly that I missed nearly a week of work. I then tried a whole bunch of fad diets and worked out to videos I found online. Nothing worked, and I became very discouraged. My sister suggested that I try a personal trainer. This turned out to be the right solution. My personal trainer is absolutely wonderful. She has helped me to change my way of life. She educated me on how to eat healthy and set up a meal plan to avoid empty calories and incorporate more vitamins, minerals and whole grains. Getting ready for my wedding, I met with my personal trainer four times per week. The workouts were positively grueling, and yet I felt so good about myself. I gradually began to see a difference in my appearance. I lost weight and gained muscle tone, which motivated me to work even harder. By the time I walked down the aisle, I was in the best shape of my life.


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Personal trainer helps with college scholarship

I’ve played basketball since I was in kindergarten, and I’ve always loved the sport.

From the time I was in grade school, I played on multiple teams and attended camps in the off-season.

My goal was always to earn a basketball scholarship and play for one of the larger universities. During my junior year of high school, I started to realize that my training methods were not enough to take me to that next level. My coaches were all focused on the team as a whole rather than my individual strengths and weaknesses. I knew that in order to receive a scholarship I’d need some outside help. I ended up contacting a personal trainer, thinking it might be helpful to work with someone not connected with my sport. I wasn’t so much having trouble with basketball related skills as my speed, strength and stamina. During a consultation, the personal trainer and I worked out a total body wellness plan. He came up with a program that encompassed everything from my diet and sleep habits to my physical training. He significantly increased my weight training, added intensity to my cardio and introduced a whole series of new exercises. The squats, lunges and various jump sequences he incorporated were great for building leg muscles. The climbing challenges, wind sprints and swimming improved my stamina. We also worked on my flexibility, balance and hand-eye coordination. The personal trainer was extremely demanding but kept me motivated. He made a huge difference in the quality of my game and is the reason I played ball on a scholarship in college.

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Starting my own gym is an expensive endeavor

The plumbing system in the building also needed some updates.

It took me a very long time to save up enough money to start my own gym. The initial investment was a bit overwhelming. Despite a significant downpayment, I still needed to take out a sizeable loan for the building and equipment. It was rather difficult to find a facility that would work as a gym. I needed a large building in a location that is easily accessible with plenty of parking. The cost of all of the machines and equipment added up very quickly. I then had the expense of installing locker rooms. Some of the major and most costly concerns for the gym was the heating, cooling, ventilation and plumbing systems. In my local area, we deal with very severe weather. The temperature frequently drops down below zero in the winter and climbs into the mid nineties in the summer. The humidity can be ungodly. I ended up installing a brand new commercial rooftop HVAC unit to handle temperature control. I needed a heating and cooling system I could trust to keep a comfortable and pleasantly cool environment year round. I also installed a ventilator to bring in fresh air and get rid of the stale air. The ventilator not only helps to optimize indoor air quality but combats humidity and unpleasant odors. I certainly don’t want the gym smelling like sweat. The plumbing system in the building also needed some updates. The locker rooms are each equipped with six separate showers, six toilets and six sinks. As members utilize the facilities, the plumbing system is responsible for a demanding workload. I need to be sure the water heater will supply plenty of hot water and that the toilets will flush without a problem.



Working out at home

For several years, I maintained a gym membership.

It was rather expensive, but I liked having access to such a wide variety of workout machines and equipment.

I made a point to visit the gym at least three times per week. It was quite time-consuming. I had a twenty minute drive just to reach the gym. To make the trip worth it, I would typically workout for sixty to ninety minutes. I was then covered in sweat and in need of a shower. By the time I made it home, I’d devoted a major part of my day to exercise. Once my kids were born, I no longer had the time to keep up with the gym membership. I worried I wouldn’t be able to stay in shape. I solved this problem by converting an extra bedroom in the house into my personal fitness studio. I invested in a treadmill, stationary bike, free weights, jump rope and yoga mat. While I don’t have the selection of equipment provided by a larger gym, there’s enough to get by. I find it extremely convenient to work out at home. Whether I have twenty minutes or two hours available, I can get in a workout. I don’t need to arrange for babysitting and can exercise at any time of the day or night. I blast my favorite music and never need to wait for someone else to finish up on a piece of equipment. I customize temperature to my preference and don’t worry about what I’m wearing or whether I put on makeup. I’ve found that I workout more often and at a higher intensity at home.



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Physical fitness keeps me young

I’ve made a healthy diet and workout regimen a priority in my life.

From the time I was a young girl, I made a habit of eating right and keeping active.

I’ve continued this lifestyle as I’ve grown older. I eat no fast foods or red meats and stick to lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. I don’t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or take any drugs. I make sure to get eight hours of sleep at night and drink plenty of water during the day. Every single day, I devote a minimum of an hour to my workout. I incorporate a wide range of exercises to target all of my different joints and muscles. By taking lots of time to warm up and stretch, I avoid injury. I also include strength training, such as lifting free weights, resistance bands and kettlebells. I use my own body weight for push-ups, pullups, squats and lunges. I practice static holds to strengthen my core and improve my balance. I also get my heart pumping with at least thirty minutes of cardio. I jump rope, run, bicycle, dance, kayak and swim. Because of my efforts, I am in excellent physical condition. I am 54 years old and still wear the same size of clothing as when I was in high school. I frequently get mistaken for someone much younger than my age. While I’ve watched my peers slow down and succumb to all sorts of physical ailments, I plan to continue to work hard in order to enjoy a better quality of my life.


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Contacting personal trainer to help with high blood pressure

A little over a year ago, during my annual physical, my doctor informed me that I had a problem with high blood pressure. He told me to come back in six months for another checkup. If I couldn’t get my blood pressure down into a health range, he planned to put me on medication. I was very reluctant to start taking medication because of the long-term side-effects. I asked the doctor how to tackle the problem and he told me to eat right and get on an exercise program. I had no clue what to do to improve my diet or fitness level. I’ve never been into any kind of sports. I’ve never had a problem with my weight. My job is quite sedentary and has me sitting at a desk for eight hours a day. I considered joining one of the bigger gyms but doubted I’d get much personal attention. I did some research and came across a personal trainer in my area. I gave her a call, explained my problem and we set up a time to meet. She told me that she’d helped lots of people lower their blood pressure and improve their health. Although the program she created was extremely demanding, I followed it to the letter. I ate only the foods the personal trainer included in my meal plan. I completed all of the exercises and started incorporating bike rides, walks and hiking into my regular routine. I started sleeping better and having more energy throughout the day. When I went back to the doctor, I got a clean bill of health. I didn’t need medication. My blood pressure was right where it was supposed to be.


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Personal trainer helps with singing career

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been determined to make a career as a singer.

  • I took voice lessons all through school.

I entered and won all sorts of contests. I made a name for myself at local bars. My career was continuing to grow, and I finally got noticed by an agent. The agent was very impressed with my voice and stage presence. He told me, however, that my chances of success were severely diminished by my weight. Unfortunately, in today’s industry, a woman’s appearance is as important as her vocal range. The agent urged me to sign up with a personal trainer to get in shape. I wasn’t real happy about this. I was reluctant to invest money into an exercise plan when it’s my goal to sing. However, I certainly didn’t want to hurt my chances of building a career. I sat down with a personal trainer and explained my situation. He talked to me about changing my eating habits and establishing a workout regimen to get healthy. He told me that rather than target weight loss, I should work toward better quality of life. After I got started on the program, I began to really enjoy it. I noticed that by eating right and becoming more physically active, I had more energy. The personal trainer designed a series of exercises and set challenges for me. As I accomplished them, I became more motivated. I dropped a significant amount of weight and gained muscle tone. I changed and improved my look, and this made a huge difference in my career. I was able to get more and bigger bookings.


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Personal trainer helps me to lose weight

His techniques were super effective

Growing up, I was always chubby. My whole family is overweight and taught me terrible eating habits. There were always sweets, chips, candy and fast food in the house. We often ordered pizza for dinner or picked up Burger King or Kentucky Fried chicken. We ate donuts in the morning and snacks late at night. No one in my family played sports or was involved in any type of physical activity. I had no idea how to go about exercising or losing weight. As I got older, I got heavier. I was very unhappy with my appearance and became depressed and lonely. I knew I had very little chance of meeting somebody or ever getting married and having a family of my own. One of my coworkers suggested that I sign up with a personal trainer. I liked the idea of working with a professional one on one. I was far less intimidated and embarrassed. For our first session, we simply had a discussion. The personal trainer and I got to know one another, talked about my typical eating habits and level of activity. We set short and long term goals. I was not real happy about getting weighed and measuring my BMI, but I understood it was necessary. The personal trainer designed a meal plan loaded with vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meats. At first, I was a bit concerned that I’d be unable to stick with it. However, he included some recipes to make some tasty and healthy meals. As I began to see results, I was far more motivated and less tempted to cheat. The exercises were really tough. The personal trainer continually pushed me to worker harder and longer. There were times, I thought I’d simply drop from a heart attack. His techniques were super effective. I not only lost a lot of weight, but gained strength, stamina and flexibility. I totally changed my appearance and way of life.


Personal trainer helps with rehabilitation after accident

About three years ago, I was involved in a car accident.

My vehicle was totalled and the paramedics needed the jaws of life to get me out. I spent almost a month in the hospital and went through several surgeries to repair the damage. Once I was released, I struggled with my recovery. I suffered constant pain and difficulty sleeping. I had trouble getting around and was unable to return to work. I was forced to give up all of my hobbies. I could no longer play softball, rock climb, go for a run or ride my bicycle. I worried that I’d never regain my health, mobility or strength. A friend of mine suggested that I get in touch with a personal trainer. I was doubtful that an exercise coach could help me, but I was willing to try anything. The personal trainer asked me a series of questions about the accident and my recovery. He asked me to explain my complaints, concerns and goals. I was a little surprised that he started by creating a meal plan for me. He said that introducing superfoods into my diet would supply the necessary vitamins and minerals for a stronger body and more energy. We then began a workout regimen that included a great deal of gentle stretching, balance exercises, static holds and lifting of light weights. While the personal trainer pushed me to my limits, he was also extremely careful with me. He helped me to set achievable goals and remain motivated. Within a couple of weeks, I noticed progress. Although it’s taken years, I am now feeling better than ever.

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