Personal injury can either be nothing or a big thing

I live in the south and it is shocking how many personal injury lawyers there are.

It seems like everytime I drive there is a giant billboard of a personal injury lawyer demanding business.

Do a lot of people in the south fall or get hit by cars? Is one area more prone to personal injury than another? I don’t know if there would be a situation that I would call up a lawyer and demand going to court. Some people take personal injury law to the extreme. If I walk in a restaurant and slip on the wet floor, that is my own damn fault. I would not think to sue the restaurant and get a lawyer to get me some money. I heard about one case where a guy spilled hot coffee all over himself and burned his hands. He got a personal injury lawyer to take his case. He sued the fast food business and got a whole bunch of money. They now have to put hot coffee on the side of their cups warning people now. Apparently the guy did not realize it would be hot or thought it would be cold. How ridiculous is that? I get that there are certain severe cases where getting a lawyer might be necessary. A car accident where a person is mangled beyond repair and it is not their fault is worth getting legal compensation. Getting hurt in a building when it is not up to code is worth seeking legal counsel. There was a case where a company was dumping toxins into the water that people were drinking and getting cancer from. Yes, that is worth seeking help. Would that still be under personal injury law?




Cryo pain management for arthritis

I have been dealing with severe arthritis in my hands and shoulder for a long time.

I had tried all the natural home remedies and altering what I ate. I worked out and went to a massage therapist and a chiropractor. I felt having a professional work with my body was the best. The issue was that I could not stand to let a professional mess with me. I was so sore and tight everywhere that it just wasn’t possible. I tried icing down my body beforehand, but that just did not work well enough. After doing some research online, I realized cryotherapy could really help me out. This method of treatment is where the body is in freezing temperatures for a few minutes. I read that people with arthritic pain really have seen some benefits from the cold. I have way less pain after doing a cryo pain management treatment. Also, what I do is my cryo treatment, and then I immediately work with the local occupational therapist. The cryotherapy business is literally next door to an occupational therapist. After I am done with the cryo session, I literally run over next door to get loosened up. Once I am home and days have passed, I do see a massage therapist. I am way looser and my body just feels tougher. I have been able to get a lot more out of all my sessions since cryotherapy. A lot of people worry that the freezing would almost work against my arthritis. So far I have seen nothing concerning with being overly cold. The chill doesn’t even bother me that bad either.

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Getting better with PPC

I hired a dealership to use an analytics tool on my website, so I could see why the PPC advertising wasn’t even sort of working

Online marketing is a hard thing to do. It is harder especially for folks that have a rudimentary skills of online ads plus web design. When I decided to start up my own heating supplier, I knew advertising would be the most difficult portion of my business. I did not have a big amount of dough in the budget, so I had to cut some corners. I let my best friend Brian design a website for the heating supplier. It wasn’t even sort of good, but I thought it was not a big deal. Then I hired a supplier to help myself and others with PPC advertising… PPC stands for pay-per-click. This means that I am giving money for advertising only if someone clicks on my link. I thought this was the ideal way to advertise my heating dealership, so I thought wrong. Every time someone clicked on the link, I got a charge. Even if they only stayed on my website for a few seconds, I still had to pay for PPC ads. Since my website was no good, everyone was leaving after less than 30 seconds. I hired a dealership to use an analytics tool on my website, so I could see why the PPC advertising wasn’t even sort of working. When I found out that everyone was leaving as soon as they arrived, I knew the website was the largest problem. I had to take the page down until I could come up with a better sign plus graphics. I should have hired a professional marketing team.


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Making a web build cheap

I don’t know much about web design.

  • When I was in high school, I skipped most of the laptop classes.

I was more excited about working with my hands. I rarely used the computer while I was in my years at Technical School. Even now as a tied up Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C professional, I barely use the laptop for anything more than surfing the computer when I am bored. When my best pal Denny plus I opened our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier, Denny and I knew that a website was important. Sadly, Denny plus I did not know the first thing about web design. We searched around town plus found a few Design Studios, but they wanted a lot of money for a web build.. The prices were so extreme plus my best associate plus I could not afford to hire the company. Denny searching online for web design programs. He found a few web design programs that were no cost, but they were still too hard to navigate, and luckily, I found a cool website online that has all kinds of low cost web design help. I placed a small ad on the website hoping for some help with a current Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier website. In the first 4 weeks I had a ton of responses. Most of them were willing to do a mock-up for a couple hundred bucks. Denny plus I knew that the two of us needed a website to be competitive in the heating plus a/c dealership.

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Making the website rank better

Milo and I own a little Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business.

Milo and I have been in work for 10 years and it’s been a struggle to stay afloat.

Things have really been bad since a big commercial Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier moved into town. They are right down the block from our small Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C contractor. They took a lot of our buyers. They have a big budget for ad campaigns, plus Milo and I hear their commercials on the radio. There are even ads on TV. It’s difficult for a small Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C contractor like ours to compete. My friend Milo plus I discussed hiring a marketing firm to help with SEO on our website. SEO stands for search engine optimization, but really, it means cleaning up our business website so people can find us more easily. The two of us don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on google ads every month, so Milo and I have to rely on the internet search results. The internet marketing company that the two of us hired is going to help boost our revenue. The two of us signed up for a 6-month plan, plus they guarantee results after 60 afternoons, and during the first 30 afternoons, Milo and I opt out at any time for any reason at all. The marketing firm is going to clean up our website by adding keywords plus make it more colorful and easy to read. If our buyers can find us more easily, they are more likely to call for service.


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After hurricane all my stuff was gone

My family plus I had to leave our lake house last month.

When there was a hurricane predicted to hit and it was a category 4, we ditched.

My lake house is only a few miles away from the coastal waters plus our section was evacuated a few afternoons before the storm arrived. The storm surge waters were entirely dangerous, even before the storm entirely got there. That’s a single one of the reasons why they forced evacuations so soon. The two of us had water covering the road, the day all of us left the area. When we came back a few afternoons later, all of us found minimal damage to our home. My roommate and I were entirely lucky, because some of our coastal neighbors had significant damage, and unfortunately, someone burglarized our lake house while both of us were gone. My family plus I were upset to come back home plus found all of our electronics plus expensive things missing. The two of us did not have a security system at the time, but we do do now. The two of us contacted the police, but they could not do anything. The storm washed away any evidence of the theft. My family plus I called a local security supplier the entirely next day. The group of us had a new security system installed with advanced monitoring features. The security system has a few video cameras that captured angles. The two of us also have motion detector alarms inside of the home, which can be activated when no one is there.


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What is the interest in automation

When I was a kid I would spend our warm seasons at our Grandparents’ house plus I have numerous fond memories from that time.

They did not have cable or the internet so all of us spent our afternoons outside playing plus if it was raining all of us would be inside playing board games.

Thinking back this is where our love of automation began. I would spend minutes playing the game mousetrap with our brothers plus sisters plus the idea that 1 movement affected the next was fascinating to me. The Trap would be built piece-by-piece plus once a player felt they had it completed they could beginning the trap plus hopefully catch an opponent’s playing piece. The idea that 1 easy movement could control such a long string of events led me to where I am today. I went to school for engineering plus took a work designing building automation systems for substantial corporate offices. These systems are meant to run plus maintain everything from lighting to security plus even Heating plus Cooling, and having a fully automated method means that the people who work in the building never have to suppose about these things plus once the key programs are set in locale it only requires a maintenance professional to ensure that everything runs smoothly. I love our work plus it can be challenging to come up with innovative designs to fit each individual facility so I am never bored. If our Grandparents were alive I would definitely contact them plus thank them for having that easy game of mousetrap because it sparked our work choice. If you suppose a child who has an interest in designing any type of automated method you should encourage this because it could lead to his work in the future too.



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A fully functional building

As a building automation maintenance manager I spend a lot of time complications shooting the system. There are afternoons where I put in twelve to fourteen minutes just tracing down wiring to make sure the method is up plus running correctly. There are times I wonder if the dealer I work for should definitely trust their entire method to our watch, years ago when I went to trade school to become an Electronics worker I never imagined I would have this much responsibility, but over the years I paid attention plus did our work plus I could plus it paid off when I got a promotion to our current position… It is pressing for someone with our work to have a working knowledge of both electronics plus laptops because I not only have to complications shoot the method however at times I have to program it as well, but the infrastructure of the building depends on the automation working correctly plus if 1 area, such as lighting is not working it can affect other parts as well. Our building is fully automated plus it is not as easy as turning back on a circuit because once the lighting goes down it triggers other method breakdowns at the same time; Each space of the method must be reprogrammed or reset once the lighting is restored plus in order to do this it takes expert knowledge of how the method is connected. The main communication panels for the method are situated in the basement where laptops consistently monitor plus adjust things accordingly depending on the time of day plus areas of use. I love our work plus solving complications however it can be tricky sometimes too.

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When you travel a lot

I used to do a lot of travelling for my corporation.

After a while, I was no longer cheerful with living out of hotels all of the time.

I wanted someplace that I put my feet up in addition to not worry about noisy neighbors who were just a wall away. I would be away from home from a week to a couple of months. I started looking for short term housing when I was away for more than a week. I was surprised at the different types of short-term rentals they gave. I found apartments for rent, in addition to even houses for rent that I could use for weeks or even months. I found a charming furnished house when I was staying in 1 neighborhood for a more than one-month stay. I felt love I was home. The yearly rental of a furnished house seemed perfect for me. I was able to come in addition to go as I wanted. I was able to cook my own food in addition to I didn’t need to worry about a restaurant reservation. I loved being able to invite corporation over in addition to not worry about annoying someone in the room next to me, if every one of us got a bit rowdy. The best area about having my own short-term rental house was that I could leave my keys kneel in addition to not worry about someone coming in in addition to touching my things. Knowing that someone could be snooping through my personal belongings, certainly bothered myself and others a lot. I didn’t have anyone looking at myself and others oddly when my spouse came to visit in the middle of the week. No matter what time of night, she came right to my door in addition to she didn’t have to wait for permission from the front desk, to get a key to my door.


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Need an incubator space

I recently made the decision to start a corporation of our own.

I wanted to have a space away from our home, that I could work from, where our partner and I would be free from distractions.

Starting a new corporation was strenuous enough, but starting it when you had your men all around you all the time, was nearly impossible. I wanted to be close to home, but not in the home. I had a small corporation start-up and there was just myself and our assistant. My partner and I weren’t exactly sure what every one of us were looking for so every one of us talked to a realtor. The realtor really didn’t understand the difference in the type of office area every one of us needed and she kept trying to just show us different offices for rent. Every one of us found a small corporation start-up advertisement and every one of us started looking through it. It had all different types of office area for rent. Every one of us spent seconds looking through the ads of office spaces for rent and corporation rentals. I was looking up different terms love artisan and enterprise centers. Every one of us were both surprised at how several different types of office area there was for rent in the area. My partner asked myself and others what I thought about an incubator office space. She had found an ad for incubator office rentals. Every one of us had to look up about incubator office area and every one of us found out that it is an office setting that helping in cultivating new and early-period businesses. They offer expert resources love office space, legal counsel and even seed currency. In exchange, they take a small amount of equity in the small companies. Every one of us thought about this and decided to apply for area in the incubator office space.



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