Attending a concert with no air conditioning

Without air conditioning, the concert was not that enjoyable

If you’re anything like me, you look forward to the weather changes. In my local area, the summer heat seems to last forever. It’s rare when we get a day that isn’t swelteringly hot and brutally humid. We never even get a cloudy sky or a bit of rain. For the past six months, it’s been nothing but sunshine, heat and humidity all day and night. For a while, the summer weather feels great. I am delighted to spend time out in the sunshine and get a tan. However, after several months straight, I am ready for some cooler weather. I had hopes that the fall temperatures would arrive in time for an outdoor concert I wanted to attend. Since I’d already bought the tickets, I was stuck enduring the heat. Walking into the venue, I was relieved that the air felt pleasant. Once I stepped inside the doors, I was hit by hot and sticky conditions. The crowd was clearly adding a great deal of body heat to the concert hall. I immediately started to sweat. Our seats were located in the upper balcony, and we hoped this would provide better access to the air conditioner vents. Unfortunately, hot air rises and I’m not convinced the air conditioning was even running. There seemed to be no influx of cool air or ventilation whatsoever. I noticed very large fans set up on stage to provide some cool air for the musicians. Without air conditioning, the concert was not that enjoyable. I was simply anxious to get back outside. I couldn’t wait to climb into my car and blast the air conditioner. From now on, I plan to be more aware of the time of year when I purchase tickets.

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Disagreeing over temperature control with boyfriend

I now use a heated blanket that I turn up very high and he points the fan away from the bed

Getting to know somebody is a long process. There are so many things to figure out. When I started dating my boyfriend, Jeff, I wasn’t sure that we were compatible. We didn’t seem to like any of the same things? However, we get along great, have a lot of fun together and there is strong chemistry. When we eventually moved in together, there was a big adjustment period. We quickly realized that Jeff is always feeling a bit overheated while I’m always slightly chilly. He sleeps with nothing more than a thin sheet, has a fan blowing straight at him and sets the temperature down to 69 degrees. In the summer, this means that the air conditioner is blasting at maximum capacity. In the winter, the furnace barely runs at all. I can’t sleep when I’m shivering. I like to have a ton of heavy blankets and a nice, warm bedroom. I prefer to set the thermostat at 76 degrees at night. Jeff and I have needed to compromise. For awhile, we were both continually adjusting the thermostat and paying huge energy bills. We’ve managed to agree on a more reasonable temperature setting. We’ve lessened the strain on the heating and cooling equipment as well as our relationship. I now use a heated blanket that I turn up very high and he points the fan away from the bed. When we can finally afford to make an upgrade to the heating and cooling system, we plan to invest in zone control. An independent thermostat in each room will allow us to cater to our personal preferences, which will be extremely helpful.

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My sister Alesha wants to take group fitness training classes

My sister and I have been talking about taking some group fitness training classes together.

I try and do yoga at our local yoga studio.from time to time.

Then once in a while, I will go and do a class at one of our local cross fit gyms. These are group fitness training classes, and they are really tough. I don’t know where they come up with their workout programs, but cross fit is really hard to do! And so now that my sister Alesha has been asking me to go to group fitness training classes with her, I’ve been thinking that it might be a good idea to try it out. I haven’t been very consistent when it comes to going to the gym, to yoga, or to cross fit. Alesha sees to think that if we were to sign up for a group fitness training class together, then we would both be more likely to go to work out on a regular basis. I’m not really sure about that, though. I feel like maybe I would like to have some personal fitness programs written up especially for me. I think that with a personal fitness expert, I could actually get in better shape. I don’t know that group fitness training classes would be a good fit for me. Alesha wants to take zumba classes or some kind of dumb dance class, but I would rather lift weights and flip tires. Maybe cross fit actually is the best fit for me as far as a workout program goes.


Have you ever considered becoming a personal trainer?

If you’re like me, you sometimes wonder what it is that you should be doing with your life.

I have lots of doubts about what I should do when I’m finished with high school and college, but at this point I don’t really know.

People have told me in the past that they thought I would be a good personal trainer, but I’ve never really known if that’s the right path or not. I have taken some personal training classes and nutritional counseling classes. I have to admit that I have always been interested in leading group physical training classes or in starting up some semi-private fitness training classes. The other thing I like doing is talking to people about their diets and doing some nutritional counseling. So I guess it’s really not beyond the realm of possibility that I should become a personal trainer someday. After all, certified fitness experts do make a lot of money if they are in the right place at the right time. I’m hoping that if I go the path of becoming a personal fitness trainer, that I will be able to open a health and fitness center somewhere in town. If fitness coaching is really the path that I’m supposed to take in life, then so be it. I just don’t really want to work at someone else’s personal training center or for some kind of a corporate wellness program. I want to be able to set my own hours and take care of the kinds of clients that I choose to take care of.

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My Girlfriend Wants to Work At a Fitness Center

My girlfriend desperately wants to become a certified personal trainer, however she doesn’t want to be like all the other personal trainers at the gym.

My girlfriend particularly wants to be a certified fitness expert as well as work in a body as well as wellness center.

The steps to become a personal trainer is a little more involved than I thought. First, you need a highschool diploma. Next, a college degree in exercise science, physical fitness and athletic interests medicine is required. You also need CPR as well as AED training to strengthen a potential trainers portfolio as well as also helps with certification. After that, a fitness specialty such as group fitness training, one on one training body recovery is selected. Once the potential trainer chooses this, they have to pursue certification. They can do multi step training, rely on their college degree in the field, or certification classes. Finally once this is all said as well as done, the trainer needs to work for some gyms. They have to start small as well as work their way up to build a portfolio as well as show results. My girlfriend has been gym hopping for several years now. She is technically a personal trainer, but only for a gym in town. Ideally, she would like to work in a bigger fitness center that only offers personal training, whether it be group fitness classes or one on one time. She has the education as well as plenty of in-field experience. The issue she’s having, is finding this the best gym for her to work in! I’m willing to transfer as well as change jobs just so she can achieve her dream.

Body Wellness Center

Step to being a personal trainer

My boyfriend Brendan desperately wants to be a personal trainer.

He doesn’t want to be the typical gym bro that says he does personal training.

My boyfriend actually wants to be a certified fitness expert and work in a body and wellness center. The steps to personal training is a little more involved than I thought. First a highschool diploma is required. Next, a college degree in exercise science, sports medicine or physical fitness is required. Getting CPR and AED training strengthens a potential trainers portfolio and also helps with certification. Next a fitness specialty like one on one training, group fitness training, body recovery is selected. After a potential trainer chooses this, they need to pursue certification. They can do multi step training, certification classes or just rely on their college degree in the field. Finally once all of this is said and done, the trainer needs to work at a few gyms. Start small and work your way up to build a portfolio and show results. My boyfriend has been gym hopping for a few years now. He technically does personal training, but only for a normal gym. He ideally would like to work in a fitness center that only does personal training, whether it be one on one or group fitness classes. He has the education and plenty of experience. The issue we are having is finding this ideal gym for him to work at. I am willing to move and change jobs so that my boyfriend Brendan can achieve his dream. Wish us luck.


Working at the university fitness center for extra cash

During High School, I concentrated on our studies plus played football. I was fast plus strong, plus I wanted to play activitys in university. I studied all of our subjects enjoy Math, English, plus Geography. I strived hard to make great grades. I wanted to get a scholarship to play football in university, however I wanted to have great grades, just in case. Halfway through our senior year, I had multiple unusual universitys scouting me for football. I decided to attend a school in the state, however still 4minutes away from our home. It was nice to go away for university plus still be close to apartment in the event of an emergency. I decided to task a part-time task so I had a few dollars in our pocket each week. Since I was in great physical shape, I undoubtedly found a task finally working at the university Fitness Center. The university fitness center is a gym located on campus. The university fitness center has a lot of unusual workout machines, private plus semi-private classes, plus a wide variety of health plus nutritional information. They even have a staff of fitness experts on hand, you can make an appointment to meet with a fitness expert. They gather all of your information plus tailor a fitness program that will suit all of your mental, physical, plus emotional needs. It’s a really great program that meets the needs of every student on campus. Our campus prides itself on providing all the necessary tools for students to succeed in life plus in school.

Cross fit

Meeting for dates at the fitness center

My fiance plus I met in university.

My fiance was reading to be a pharmacist, plus I was reading about Earth Science, weather anomalies, plus meteorology. We barely had time to date, because the people I was with and I were both incredibly tied up with school, classes, plus homework. My fiance plus I were both attending school on scholarships for activitys. My fiance was a tennis player plus I was a baseball player. We had to stay in shape while in the offseason, so both of us spent a few afternoons each week at the gym. When our fiance plus I didn’t have any time for dating, the people I was with and I used to meet in the gym to task out together. It wasn’t undoubtedly romantic, however the people I was with and I had plenty of time to talk. A lot of our first dates were spent talking on the treadmill. My fiance plus I still go to the gym multiple times every week. Now that the people I was with and I are married, the people I was with and I have a lot more time for romantic mornings. We do not have to use the gym as our meeting spot. Sometimes the people I was with and I go to romantic breakfasts or plays, plus periodically the people I was with and I go away to the lake for the weekend. Since the people I was with and I do not meet at the gym anymore, the people I was with and I can explore our individual fitness interests. My fiance prefers to attend yoga classes, while I am more of a CrossFit guy. Luckily, our gym offers a variety of private plus semi-private training classes. We try to attend classes on the same afternoon, so the people I was with and I still go together. No matter what the people I was with and I want to do to stay fit, the gym offers a class for all the people.
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I didn't hear one person complain

I always have a fun time at ZooTampa.

It’s one stadium that the kids could go every single afternoon and never complain even once.

My family and I decided to buy season passes for the Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park. They weren’t much more money than the cost for all of us to go to the zoo for a single afternoon. There are a great deal of creatures at the zoo in Tampa, however some of those species are antive to Florida and the southeast region, and other creatures are from faraway stadiums appreciate China, Africa, and India. Some of our number one zoo exhibits include the Asian gardens, Primate world, and Safari Africa. The Asian Gardens exhibit include creatures appreciate clouded leopards, sloth bears, tigers, and rhinoceros. They also have a nice exhibit with Komodo dragons. The Asian gardens exhibit is one of our number ones in the zoo. The kids really appreciate primate world. This is one of the best parts of the entire Zoo in Tampa. They have many different great apes, chimpanzees, and orangutans. The kids especially appreciate to watch the monkeys play… Occasionally we can stand there for hours and hours. Another one of our number one stadiums is the Safari Africa. This is one of the last exhibits to be added to the park. Safari Africa includes a variety of native African species appreciate meerkats, zebras, giraffes, and elephants. With so much to see in the zoo, it’s impossible to see everything in a single afternoon. That is the best reason to replace to a season pass for your family.

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A legitimate concern

The property is right on the water with a view of the entire beach and shoreline.

My mom and I opened a house cleaning business ten years ago. I was already now working for a cleaning service, however our mom was retired. When I mentioned opening up our own business, our mom gave to help me get started. I didn’t think she would continue now working, even though she prefers to get out of the house a few nights a week. Most of the time, we spend the afternoon cleaning apartments and business offices. Every one of us have legitimately few residential clients, because they require a lot of insurance. My mom and I decided to buy the extra insurance last year, when we had the option to option up an entire subdivision of current houses. Those houses are located on Clearwater Beach. My mom went to school with a realtor, and the realtor was in charge of finding someone to disinfect all of the current houses. After we finished with the project, we left some flyers with area neighbors. Every one of us picked up a few Clearwater Beach tasks instantly, including one on a giant property. The Clearwater Beach house is owned by one of the players for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The property is right on the water with a view of the entire beach and shoreline. The property has a sixvehicle garage, hoops court, tennis court, and an olympic size pool. There is 16 study rooms and 14 bathrooms on the property. There is also a small pool house that has 2 study rooms and 2 bathrooms as well. Cleaning the large house is a daunting task, however our mom and I appreciate the views of Clearwater Beach.