Doctor’s Office Has Great Air Quality

I have to say, although I hate being sick, hate going to hospitals, and even more so hate going to doctors, I love the air quality! Doctor’s offices always seem to have the best indoor air quality around in my humble opinion.

  • Every single time I have ever went to a doctor’s office, the indoor air quality has been so good, it was even better than my whole home air purification system in my own house! Now that should tell you something! The heating and air conditioning in the doctor’s office is also pretty darn great.

When you combine wonderful top of the line air quality with the top of the line heating and air conditioning, it is just the most refreshing and relaxing thing you would ever experience in your whole entire lifetime! The last time I had to go to a doctor for my yearly physical check up, I was actually looking forward to going just because I knew about that great indoor air quality. Also, I was actually hoping that I would be stuck in the waiting room for a long time. Most people hate that long wait at a doctor’s office. But not me, I welcome it because of the great indoor air quality! In the Winter, I bet the heating is just as good. It may be something about that commercial central heating and air conditioning system that gives the great air quality. But whatever it is, I love the doctor’s office! I will never change my mind on that. I just hope the next time I go it’s for a check up, and not because i’m sick.

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The Dual Fuel System Has Gone Wrong

I had a real heft HVAC repair expense the other month! I had got one of those dual fuel systems.

I have to tell you that the dual fuel system is a really awesome thing all around.

Sure, I paid a little money for it, but I ended up making that money back in the energy savings I accomplished from getting the dual fuel system installed into my home. But, that all changed a few months back when my dual fuel system broke down on me! When a dual fuel system breaks down, it is not anything that you can fix on your own. And the one big drawback to having a dual fuel system, is if it does ever break down, like what just happened to me, you will be paying a lot for the repair! I dreaded doing it, but I had no choice but to call a certified heating and air conditioning professional from my local heating and air conditioning company to schedule an HVAC repair appointment to get the dual fuel system fixed. All depending on what caused the dual fuel system to break down, was what was going to play a big part in deciding the price that the certified heating and air conditioning specialist was going to charge me to repair the dual fuel system. Just my luck, it had to be the worst possible case of what could happen to a dual fuel system, and my heating and air conditioning repair bill was through the roof! I probably should have bought into an HVAC repair plan.



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I Discovered New Friends at the Tampa Bay Lightning Playoffs

Although though Tampa Bay has a professional ice hockey team, it’s difficult to find really big hockey fans in Florida.

Most of these hockey fans are from somewhere cold! I moved to Tampa Bay, Florida for a project with my job, but I never left.

I thought I’d only be here a year max, but here I am 25 years later. I love watching ice hockey, so I’m a serious Tampa Bay Lightning fan. When the team qualified for the playoffs this year, I purchased season tickets. I spent hundreds of dollars on playoff tickets too, plus I enjoyed the whole game even though the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team didn’t come out on top. I had a great time. I met a lot of really fun people there too, who live close by! The Tampa Bay hockey team could never make the playoffs again, but I made some great friends there. The people I was with plus I got together last weekend plus watched the next round of playoffs games. Our team didn’t play, but it was still fun to watch. The following year, I shall hang out with these new friends plus watch a lot of the games at home! Bill can make chicken wings, plus I can make some dip. I suppose Tessa doesn’t cook, but her spouse works in a great restaurant. All of these new friends of mine are huge hockey fans just like me. I enjoy feeling like I’m home again.


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I Made New Friends Through the Tampa Bay Lightning Team

Even though the Tampa Bay area has a professional hockey team, it’s a lot of work finding hockey fans down in Florida.

Most ice hockey fans are located up in the northern region. I relocated to Tampa Bay, Florida for a work opportunity, and I haven’t left since. I assumed I’d spend a little over a year here working on a project then head back up north. I didn’t anticipate staying here in Florida for this long, but I’m still here 13 years later. I grew up loving ice hockey, so I’m an extreme Tampa Bay Lightning fan now. When the team made the playoffs this year, I purchased tickets to all of their home games. I spent a ton of money on playoff tickets, and I enjoyed every second of it. Even though the Tampa Bay Lightning ice hockey team didn’t win that year, I still enjoyed the game experience. I met several cool people, and some of them live near me. The Tampa Bay hockey team has never made the playoffs since, but I made some nice friends that night. Several of us got together last weekend to watch the next round of playoffs even though our team isn’t playing. It’s still fun to watch as a group! Next year, I’ll hang out with these new friends again and watch the games at my house! We can share chicken wings, dip, burgers, and so much more! I love how my new friends love ice hockey, because it feels like home.


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Made New Friends at Tampa Bay Lightning Game

Even though Tampa Bay has its own professional hockey team, it’s strenuous to find dedicated hockey fans down in Florida.

Most hockey fans live in the northern states.

I moved to the Florida Tampa Bay area for a job opportunity, plus never left. I thought I’d only live here a year then head back to my hometown, but here I am 20 years later, still living in Florida. I’ve always enjoyed ice hockey, so I’m now a Tampa Bay Lightning fan. As soon as they made the playoffs this year, I purchased myself tickets to all of the home games. I spent thousands of dollars on playoff tickets, plus I enjoyed every minute of it. Even though the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team didn’t win their playoff game, I still support my team. I met a lot of other cool people there too, plus they live close by. The Tampa Bay hockey team may never make the playoffs again, but at least I made some good friends. This year, we got together and watched the playoffs together. Our team wasn’t actually playing, but it’s was fun to watch with them. Next year, I shall hang out with my modern friends plus watch the games at my house. My buddy can make chicken wings, plus I can make the dip. I know another friend of mine doesn’t cook, but his partner works in a diner! All of these modern friends are huge hockey fans too, so it’s nice to feel like I’m home again.

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I love finding all sorts of maintenance information on internet forums

Ever since the early 2000s, I have been active in all sorts of online communities and forums. These have spanned topics and interests as diverse as orchid care and woodwork. One forum that I stayed active in for over a decade was this phenomenal home maintenance board. I learned how to install light fixtures in my basement and how to drain and clean my water heater. My proudest achievement yet was building a treehouse for my kids. The looks of sheer joy and excitement on their faces when I finished it made all of the time and hard work completely worth it. Recently though, I have been searching for information to help me diagnose issues I’m having with my central air conditioner. The stream of air leaving the ceiling vents seems weaker than normal and I just can’t seem to keep the temperature in my house as low as where I set the thermostat. It’s as if the entire HVAC system is lagging behind. I read one forum post discussing switching out to a new filter, and that definitely helped but it didn’t correct all of the issues. More searches on the web yielded results for coolant leaks, where small cracks in the evaporator coil can leak out the coolant needed to cool your air. I decided to call a technician and specifically ask them if the refrigerant needed to be topped off. Thankfully, not only was that the case, but there were also no major cracks in the coil that would indicate the need to replace it entirely. That’s a good thing too, because evaporator coils are not cheap.


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I feel demoralized after attempting to fix my own HVAC system alone

There is a huge difference between making delicious spare ribs from a recipe and servicing an expensive heating and cooling system

DIY, or do-it-yourself culture is stronger than ever before thanks to websites like YouTube and Wikipedia. The last 10 years has seen a massive insurgence of text and video tutorials, many free and readily available at one’s fingertips. Smartphones are surpassing laptops in features and functionality, meaning I can for instance tilt my phone on my workbench and watch the necessary tutorial just inches away from my tools and supplies. This is great in the kitchen particularly, since you can open a recipe or an instructional video right as you assemble your ingredients or while you stir your pot. I have learned so much from DIY videos over the years that I convinced myself the I could manage to service and fix my air conditioner with the right instructions. I determined that I was low on coolant and set out to find a source so I could top off my HVAC system myself. I made two grave errors—first, I bought the wrong coolant to begin with, and finally, I miscalculated the pressure in the machine and added too much. My evaporator coil cracked in several places as a result. Now I plan to have a professional fix my HVAC system and will exercise caution and humility whenever I attempt to fix something from here on out. There is a huge difference between making delicious spare ribs from a recipe and servicing an expensive heating and cooling system. I’m not going to pretend watching videos on the internet makes me an expert at doing something, especially when the real experts spend their whole lives refining their trades. I’m going to stick to what I know best, cooking.

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I checked with the official

CEOS should always be aware of the temperature in the work environment. There have been many studies that show that increasing the level of comfort in the office, with things like AC, really can make a huge difference. I used to work in an office that had the worst air conditioner ever, and the heater did not work either. In the summer everybody in the office would pray that the AC unit would kick back in, but it never did. In the winter everybody in the office would bundle up in blankets and keep checking on the thermostat to see if the temperature was rising. I am now a CEO of a company and I always check with my workers to see how they like the working temperature. There have been a few times where I had to call an HVAC technician to come in and fix everything up. I have gotten to the point where I am pretty good at fixing the HVAC system on my own now. I think that I have really noticed when I wait too long to call the HVAC technician and people get antsy. I use the same HVAC technician at my house and he is really amazing. He offered me a buy one get one free on smart thermostats, so I am going to be installing one in the office soon. I know that my workers are going to love having a smart thermostat, and I am even going to order some portable AC units. The summers coming up is supposed to be brutal so I want people to have some extra air conditioning if they need it.

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If you work in an office with bad AC here is what to do

I used to work in an office where the AC was never working.

I would dread going to work because of how hot it was going to be, even in the winter with no AC it was hot.

The furnace worked, but we never needed it. I mentioned to the CEO that it would increase worker productivity if he put a better HVAC system in the office and he actually considered doing it. I heard him talking to some HVAC technicians and he even had someone come out to look at the AC unit. We were all amazed that he actually had an HVAC technician come out, but nothing ever came of it. I worked there for a few months with no AC until I just couldn’t take it anymore. After awhile I found a new job and one of the first things I noticed when I went to work was that I actually didn’t feel hot because there was an AC unit! As a matter of fact there was AC unit and they also had portable AC units and heaters available if the temperature needed to be changed per cublicale. I told my boss how amazing it was that he had such a great HVAC system and he told me that it was something he knew was really important. He told me how he used to have a job working at an office where there was no air conditioner and he couldn’t stand it. He told me that he also read studies that showed worker productivity increased when people were happy with their HVAC systems. I know that I am much happier now that I work somewhere with a working thermostat!


Experience truly makes all of the difference

Last winter the town that I live in was hit by one of the most intense storms that we had ever seen. Nearly all the homes in my neighborhood were damaged, ours included. One of the things that was damaged the most was our state of the art heating and cooling unit. We were nervous to call the local HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason why I was worried about calling them and scheduling a repair call was the recent influx of new HVAC repairman they had hired the past few years. I understand that people in all professions have to start somewhere, but we had already had bad experiences with inexperienced HVAC repairman in the past. We didn’t really have much of a choice however, so we decided to bite the bullet and book an appointment for the next day to get the heating and cooling running. The next day when the HVAC repairman arrived and got to work on the unit however, we were so surprised to find that he was clearly extremely good at working on units such as these, and he was still so young! He was able to get the air conditioning unit back to normal in under and hour, leaving us feeling speechless. After offering the man some coffee and snacks, we ended up learning that he got his experience as a young teenager from working with his dad on heating and cooling units of all shapes and sizes years before he even became a certified HVAC repairman. I guess it just goes prove us wrong that it doesn’t matter how young or old you are when it comes to the HVAC world, it’s all about the experience!



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