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What typically makes my house suppose appreciate home, is my family, then if I didn’t have the ladies there, it could never be the same ever again. If every one of us didn’t have excellent air quality with a top of the line climate control system, it wouldn’t be the same either. I couldn’t imagine what things would be like without my amazing pet Jake. I have grown to prefer that pet, plus I even prefer increasing the air filters frequently so every one of us have exceptional air quality on a official basis. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like if our children’s friends weren’t constantly coming over to our place for dinner. They constantly say that every one of us have the best air quality plus most comfortable climate control unit. They also say every one of us have the perfect temperature control settings. It truly helps that every one of us have a smart control component to achieve those perfect settings because the smart control component knows the number one settings. I also love that the smart control component is aware of the weather, and outdoor temperatures so that it can adjust accordingly for ultimate comfort in our home, but after a while I would love to have some kind of super smart car that is able to drive myself and others to job so I don’t have to get annoyed with bad drivers, and I can shave on the way to job without getting into a car accident. That would be nice, but we are a little ways from having cars that pricey. It would be wonderful to have a nice smart control component in my car though so I can give voice commands to achieve the most amazing climate control settings to and from my office.

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This was the answer

For a very long time, I have been studying about smart thermostats & which a single to get. This wasn’t the type of decision I was taking lightly because I knew that I would be stuck with the a single I chose for many years in the future. In all honesty I just wanted something that did everything a smart thermostat is supposed to do. I wanted it to learn the temperature control settings that we number one in the entire house. I felt the desire to be able to adjust the temperature control easily & remotely! Above everything else, I wanted to save a nice amount of money on the energy bills! My wifey has told me that I should have bought a smart thermostat a long time ago, however this wasn’t something that I wanted to do without thinking about. Sure all of us could have started saving money on the energy bills a long while back when we were younger, however our energy bills weren’t outrageous or anything. So when we eventually did get our new smart thermostat, I was actually able to install it on our own! I didn’t even have to email the Heating, Ventilation & A/C professionals to handle this work! It was everything I dreamed about also, this thing was so damn expensive! It was a appealing touch screen smart thermostat that was equipped with voice control. I couldn’t believe that we were able to adjust the climate control settings just by voicing a few commands. It was so easy and simple! I’m very happy with the model that I picked out, & it also looks actually nice on our residing room wall! I can’t wait to see how nice this thermostat works when all of us decide to replace our Heating, Ventilation & A/C proposal in the upcoming years.

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A slice of HVAC for the honeymoon

My husband and I own a HVAC company.  We met while we were in school getting our HvAC certification.  I was asked to tutor him when he was failing in the section about air conditioning.  It was kind of funny the way his father laughed when I told him I was his son’s tutor.  The father was six and a half feet tall and as burly as his son was thin. He was such a nice man, but so was his son.  We worked together closely on all projects after that, whether or not he had to be tutored. We both passed in the top ten percent of our class, thanks to my tutoring.  After we got our certificates, we didn’t see too much of each other since we worked for different HVAC companies in different towns. Two years later, I was working on an install for a new restaurant chain.  We needed to call someone in that was local, because my assistant had broken his leg in a car accident. I was grinning from ear to ear when Tom walked in. Together, we got the HVAC system and the ventilation system installed.  It took us nearly a week to have everything installed and tested. We dated for awhile before he asked me to marry him. Our wedding plans weren’t like normal couples. We knew what we were going to do for the wedding. We were planning for our HVAC contracting company we were going to create, starting right after the honeymoon.  We actually spent half of our time, during the honeymoon, planning for our new HVAC company.

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I live around town

I have a very new and heating & a/c plan in my home, and i spent a lot of money on it as well! For the last three or four months it has worked pretty well, until recently, however recently I had discovered a major problem with the air flow of the heating & a/c unit, but my hallway for some reason was getting a bunch of heat moved into it! I have unquestionably had the a/c on a bit lately as it has been a little warm outside, why my hallway was getting heating instead of cooling was beyond me. I realized right away there may have been something wrong here. This is the exactly moment when I called the heating & cooling supplier that installed the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system. I told them what was going on. Then, they looked at my history & told myself and others that I had heating & cooling zone control. I did not even understand what in the hell they were talking about! They went on to explain, that the plan I got can make uncommon areas of the apartment uncommon temperatures, however after this, I then noticed that I had an additional control component on the wall of the hallway! That control component was not even running. This was why it appeared that I was getting heating in the hallway. I thanked and hugged the heating & a/c supplier for unquestionably explaining all of this to me. I felt pretty close to a real idiot to be at that point. With that being said, at that point, I flipped on the control component in the hallway, & now it was cooling off. I will not make that error in judgement ever again!

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Diet requires more heating.

 I have recently found out that while dieting may shrink your body, it shrinks a lot more than that.  Since I have been dieting, my ability to hold up in the cold weather has also shrunk. I remember how I used to laugh at my mom for wearing a sweater when it was 90 degrees outside.  I don’t remember a day going by this winter, when I wasn’t reaching for a jacket because I was cold. My husband was constantly checking the thermostat and telling me the temperature of the house.  He couldn’t understand why I was cold when it was seventy-two in the room. I told him that he hadn’t just lost fifty pounds. My insulation was shrinking away, along with the body fat. I was turning the thermostat up several times a day, hoping to get the furnace to give me just a little more heat.  When the energy bill arrived, we found out that my shrinking was inflating the energy bill. Last week, he came home with a big load of wood. We have a wood burning heater in the living room. He loaded the stove up with kindling and then laid the wood inside. Before long, I had a fire blazing and finally I could feel the heat.  An hour later, I swapped the jacket for a light sweater. The heat felt phenomenal, but I was still a bit chilly. Half an hour later, he brought a space heater up from the basement and put it in my office. He had found it while cleaning and was hoping I would finally become warm enough he could put out the fire in the stove.

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I may have saved her day

When my kids were growing up, I always told them to stay young as long as they can.  Once you turn eighteen, you have a lot more years as an adult than you have to be a child.  I believe in that statement, because kids are not allowed to be kids anymore. I heard my daughter telling her sixteen year old the same thing the other day.  Later she called me and told me that she didn’t know what else to do. Her daughter was working for an art scholarship and working thirty hours a week at her job.  She was trying to save money to go on a trip. We were all pitching in to help her with the money, and she was getting it for her birthday, but she didn’t know that.  My daughter said she wished she had listened to me when I told her to stay young for as long as you could. She was dealing with a sixteen year old, a pre-teen and now being pregnant.  She had trouble with her heating system and she was frazzled. I couldn’t help with the heating, but I knew someone who could, and I made the phone call. A friend of mine installed outdoor wood burning furnaces.  He was the perfect one to ask for help with her heating. He told me to meet him at her house in one hour. I showed up in time to keep my daughter from crying and the eleven year old from running away from home. The furnace had quit running, and everyone was frustrated.  I told her I had a specialists in wood furnaces and he would be there in ten minutes.

The honesty is key

When my husband and I decided to remodel the bathroom, we needed to find the right plumbing contractor to install all of the fixtures and pipes. My husband and I decided to increase the size of our bathroom by two times. We decided to get rid of the old single sink, and we were going to replace it with a new double sink and vanity. The old bathroom had a tub and shower combination stall, and my husband wanted a separate shower. When we talked about the bathroom remodel, he pushed the separate shower and agreed to a larger jacuzzi tub. Since we had a lot of work to do, we wanted to find the right plumbing contractor for the job. My husband and I researched several different plumbing contractors in the area. One of my co-workers recommended a plumbing contractor from a previous home remodel. My husband and I met with five different plumbing contractors. They came to the house and talked with us about our plans for the bathroom remodel. We discussed our options and our budget. Each one of the plumbing contractors sent us an estimate for the whole bathroom remodel. My husband and I took a few weeks to think over the decision. I’m glad that we took our time to find the perfect plumbing contractor to complete the job. Now that the remodel is done, the place looks perfect. I love everything about our new bathroom, and I really love my new garden tub. In a few years, my husband and I are going to use the same company to remodel the guest bathroom too.

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No AC, no more school

My college life consisted of six weeks of intensive learning.  There were twenty-five adult students; all looking to get a class course during the summer.  We were all getting refreshers courses in public speaking and business law because we were competing for a job.  Whoever got the best grade was the one who got the job. We ended up living in the dorm rooms while we were there and all of a sudden, we were college students.  We were those crazy wide-eyed students that had never been away from home before. My parents were watching my kids, and was free for a couple weeks. The one weekend it was so hot that we couldn’t breathe and the humidity was really high.  They had tornado watches up all over, and no one was allowed to leave the campus. I called my kids and they seemed content to be with grammy and pop. As I hung up, the lights went out, and so did the HVAC. We lost our air conditioning and the air was hot and stifling.  We were all led down to the storm shelter. The air conditioning wasn’t working here either and all we could do was sit in the hot, humid air and listen to the campus shaking. One of the women began to sing an old Partridge song and soon everyone was singing. It was getting hotter without any AC, but we were laughing and singing as the storm raged on.  Soon, the lighting came on and we could hear the AC droning. There were broken buildings all around but we were safe, and now we were cool, out of that room. I called my babies and said I was coming home.

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Stadium air conditioner tech

My brother works at the football stadium downtown. He is an assistant trainer, and he works with the whole football team. When my brother has extra tickets, he always takes me to the games. We have a great time on Sundays, and neither one of our wives are bothered by our love of football. Last Sunday, the team had a home game. An hour before the game started, the locker room air conditioner stopped working. The crew was already on the field, and they didn’t have anyone to fix the air conditioner. My brother had me on speed dial, and I was already sitting in the stands. He called me to come down below and look at the air conditioner. I couldn’t believe my luck, and I headed straight for the doors. When I hit the security gate, they asked for my name and waved me right through. I saw all of the famous players, and some of them even took my hand. I was led to a room where the air conditioner is located. I worked on the air conditioner for 30 minutes, and I figured out the problem quickly. Once I rewired to of the circuits, the air conditioner was working again. I fixed the problem and the team was really happy. A few days later, I received a call from the Stadium management team. They wanted to offer me a job on staff, and the position was offering salary plus benefits. The day I fixed the air-conditioner, I felt like a man among Gods. If I get a job working in the stadium full time, it might just go to my head.

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Emergency Bathroom break

Ever since I got pregnant, I have had to pee all the time. I never had such urgency, but now I can barely hold it for a minute. I’m still working in my normal capacity, even though a lot of people don’t agree with that. I work in the heating and air conditioning industry, and a lot of people think there is no place for a woman in that industry. When folks found out that I was pregnant, they really wanted me to stop working on service calls. I don’t really understand why there is more danger for a woman than a man, especially at such an early stage in my pregnancy. If I’m not worried, I don’t understand why it might boss seems to feel worried. I hope he doesn’t try to take me off heating and air conditioning repairs and installations, because I would have to report that to the HR company. I don’t think it is legal for them to stop me from working on heating and air conditioning repair, just because I am pregnant. Hopefully it won’t come down to some situation like that. Right now, my biggest problem seems to be bathroom breaks. I was on my way back to the HVAC service center yesterday, when I had to pull over and use the bathroom at the gas station. I thought I was going to pee all over the seat, but I made it just in time. I know that things will eventually get to a point where I can no longer work out in the field, but I’m not ready to give up my heating and air conditioning job yet.

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